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I’m a car drifter, for me drifting car is such an amazing feeling once you know how to do it. the first time i drifted a car was when i was 17. It was in an illegal car race. I was so young and fresh. I just learned about how to drive a car back then. i was a completly newbie there but i had this one friend who was such a pro in car racing and car drifting, He was the one who taught me how to drift a car. I remember it very clear when the first time i touched the steering wheel of his car and he explained about how to do the drift, i was quite nervous and i was so afraid to think about what if i messed up and then there would be a horrible accident which could led me into prison or even a murderer or even maybe could led me into a dead body.

How to take care of best tire shine

I have discussed in previous article that when you are drifting, you might want to have really well detailed car in its whole. My friends told me that they had the most problems in this aspect with choosing the correct tire dressing. They said that many of them had problems with dressing either getting off the tires too fast or staying on even when they are trying to wash it off. Following information is acquired from website My shiny car.

Instead of choosing the tire shine that is silicone based which will last longer, you might want to choose the dressing that is water based. This is against the common intuition. That is because most people think that if the dressing is going to last longer, that is better. Well, it is not quite like that.


See, the silicone based tire dressing will stick up to your tire and then it will not go away. What you should do instead is to avoid it completely. Try water based one. That one goes off much faster, but a good thing about it is that it will be safer and easier to remove. And if you buy a good one, you will be able to keep it up for a fairly long time. You can see the good ones on the same guide. So in this way it will actually help you a lot to make a shine safe and last longer.

But how long does the tire shine last?

This is of course relatively hard to answer. Because it depends on many things such as weather conditions, how it is applied, etc. But the good ones can last even few weeks in case the weather conditions are favorable and they are applied well.

Drifting in California during winter

Winter has put pretty much all of the hot cars in the Northeast in hibernation, so let’s all gawk at some NorCal drift cars going nuts in their cold.

I grew up in the Central Valley, not far from where this video was shot, and I can tell you that the winters there don’t really count. They just get a bit colder, and sometimes a bit wetter or foggier, and that’s about it.

Californians do not hesitate to take advantage of this, and their hefty supply of non-rusty old Japanese cars get to run a nice long season.


Article from Jalopnik

Funny and sexy

One of the funniest things (article from Autoblog)


To some, drifting is kinda sorta a non-sport. After all, the winning car isn’t necessarily the one that crosses the finish line ahead of all others, and the vehicles themselves were created on purpose to be ill-handling, tail-happy smoke generators.

Somehow, we have a feeling all those ills would be forgiven by the detractors if the cars were piloted by naked Playboy models.

And so we bring you the video after the break. We’ll go ahead and label this one not-safe-for-work-ish… while there technically isn’t any nudity shown on camera, the model clearly is performing these smoky antics sans clothing. Oh, and of course she doesn’t know how to drive a stick.

Drifting trikes

I stumbled upon a great guide on the internet about making drift trikes. Although I would write this by myself, I think it is even better if I just show you that on my page. Note that all credits for this article goes to josh333. I am just showing off the work of a genious.

If you haven’t heard of the new craze called drift triking then you are missing out!

A drift trike consists of a tricycle with a pneumatic front wheel and hard plastic rear wheels.

The front wheel can have a freewheeling crank or foot pegs

Original Drift Triking

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Step 1: History

Picture of History

Drift Trikes are tricycles that have slick rear wheels, normally made from a hard plastic material. They are usually ridden on paved roads with a steep downhill gradient and some corners. Smooth roads are preferred to coarse chip sealed road as coarse surfaces tend to wear rear wheels faster.

Riders gather momentum through gravity, although some drift trikes have pedals. Pedals are useful for slow speed riding, but are of no use at high speed. Drift trikes can reach speeds of up to 90km/h, but the normal operating speed is between 25 and 65km/h.

Drift trikes have come along way, one of the first mass produced trike was the Huffy slider as pictured.

Many people upgrade huffy sliders where as some build them from scratch. In this instructable I will be using the front end from the slider and building a bolt on MOTORIZED rear end.

You can find this guide here.

Taking care of tires when drifting

I have many good memories with drifting. However, I’d like all readers to know one of my life experiences about it.

A friend of mine (which for this story I will leave unnamed because maybe he would not want to be mentioned) was doing some drifting with his car and had old tires. Old tires and drifting do not go together well as you might think. So during his practice on the road, one of the tires exploded. Explosion of tires is quite a normal thing and it can happen. In this case, it started throwing him off the road and turning it in the air. Although the maneuver was definitely very scary and dangerous, he was fortunately fine in the end. But it could have ended differently.


The moral of the story is to take care of your tires. Not only replace them, but also take care of the rims, make sure ALL of the equipment is well prepared for your adventure on the road. Because if it is not, bad things can happen. If you drift with your friends, you should also decorate your tires and wheels a bit in order to be able to brag a little bit. Although this sounds silly, I would still recommend you to do it so. The reason is that you will be able to show your car in the best possible light. Also the rest of the exterior and interior of the car should be detailed at least a little bit.

Just look at the car on the picture. It looks awesome. Why? Because it is well detailed. Car color paint is also important as well as detailing the lights and the rest of the car. Do not underestimate that. I always took best care of my cars!

Drifting – is it for everyone?

When looking to go into drifting sport, I would not advise most people to dwelve into it. Why not? Just look at my case. Drifting is expensive. It will cost you a lot of time and money and that might cause you a lot of problems. So most people cannot really sacrifice all their time and money for the sport of drifting. That is also something I would not recommend. So instead choose different hobby such as cooking, cockfighting, observing rainbows, collecting neclasses with naughty simbols on them, etc.


So why would not that hobby be for everyone?

As I said, many people do not have infinite amount of time and energy. Of course, I know some people who have more time to spend than virtually everyone in the world and they devote this time to their hobbies, but hey – at least they have fun. Plus, it can get quite dangerous and some bad things could happen to you. Now who wants that? Choose a safe sport for you and that will pay off very well. So I might have made a mistake long time ago to get into this sport. But I can surely tell you one thing. This was one most addictive thing I ever tried in my life. I have great memmories with drifting!

Best cars for drifting

I want to talk a little bit about a great article that was written back in 2010 which made me discuss the topic a lot with my friend. It was written by TopSpeed about best cars for drifting. Although I have a writer’s block at the moment, I won’t give up. I will still write. This is because I believe. I believe I can. So I am going to write about those damn best cars for drifting. I would disagree with the article that Nissan is the best car for drifting. It is simply not. No way. I tested it a lot and I have to say that Nissan cars are not even that good for drifting. They are kind of moderate. Some of my drifting friends are saying that I should not be that harsh and that I should consider it as the best car for drifting because – hey it is relatively ok.


Let me say something essential here. It is not “relatively ok.” It almost sucks for drifting. The tires are installed in the irregular way and that is why they get used faster. And since they are used faster, you won’t be able to drift that long and they’ll be slippery faster. And that will make your experience more dangerous. Because then the tires get unpredictable and you cannot know what will happen next. I do not want to encourage anyone to such practices, because sooner or later I will have some moral bad feelings about someone getting into accident which I do not want to happen.

Car drifting – memmories

I used to be a car drifter. I remember the times when I spent $1500 per month just for the new equipment for the car. This got me into many troubles in the past. See, I could not have afforded that much so from time to time I had to fix people’s car besides doing my 9/5 job every day. That was of course very time consuming and I basically had no other thing to do in my life but just work and occasionally exploiting my hobby – drifting. I did not drift only with a car – oh no! I also used motorcycle and everything I could have imagined. I did a lot of youtube videos and even became Youtuber.

In 2013, there were some worldwide shocks in the industry regarding bad crash in Saudi Arabia. I realized that I do not want to be a part of that and just a showoff for the rest of the world just because of my hobby. I mean the people in that video probably suffered a lot and that breaks my heart. That is why I want to live this blog in different manner. This all about memmories of drifting – those that were written and those that are yet to be written.

I have then reduced my interest in that sport because I realized it was getting dangerous. I still drifted, but not so often anymore. So now I still do it, but only in my financial capabilities. It shocked me when my son did not go to college because I had no freaking savings. Or when my daughter was on drugs and I did not even know that. She even opened some kind of service to get money and I could have helped her more with my time and money if I could. So in order for those things not to happen I decided to just put a bit less effort in my hobby and just follow it on this page.

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